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Thursday, July 18, 2013

THE INTERVIEW: David Green – Time for the Environment

“For most of history, man has had to fight nature to survive; in this century he is beginning to realise that, in order to survive, he must protect it.”
-       Jacques-Yves Cousteau

The above quote is one we should all take heed of; take into account, as it is reality. David Green is one such man, with a brand that has done exactly that. Starting with a range of men’s eyewear, David Green carefully took into consideration having a green approach to his designs. The inclusion of a real leaf in the product has not only seen the brand step into its own spotlight, but put the consumer’s conscious on a stylish alert of all that nature has to offer. In July, the David Green brand releases a Timepiece Collection, fresh from mother earth. We take a peak at this beautifully handcrafted collection and chat to David Green to find the source of inspiration for such delicate precision.

Describe David Green the brand?
As his surname implies, David Green has a passion for the environment, which stems from a critical awareness to protect the fragile balance that exists within nature. Each pair of handcrafted David Green eyewear contains a unique fingerprint created by the incorporation of a fallen leaf within the natural cotton based acetates adding additional style to the design and exacting finishes. David Green eyewear and timepieces deliver a true statement of craftsmanship and style while communicating an educated message of support for the preservation of the world we inhabit.

What about David Green the designer?
After completing his studies in engineering David decided to create his own range of stylish eyewear, and not being merely content to design and craft eyewear from contemporary materials, David scoured the globe to engage with skilled designers and producers who share in his philosophy. As a result of this detailed approach he has managed to create an international brand that collaborates with professionals based in Japan, Italy, France and Germany. His father was an artist and David’s products are a culmination of art and precision engineering.

What inspired the forever 'green' imprint the brand has with its inclusion of a real leaf in all its designs?
Walking in Newlands forest on a daily basis and being inspired by the uniqueness of nature.

We were introduced to David Green through eyewear, now timepieces. How has process been to move from the design of frames to that of watches?
The principles are the same – an expression of natural individuality can successfully be applied to eyewear and timepieces. In terms of fashion accessories they are like cousins. The fast paced adoption of his Green eyewear range resulted in the brand being sought after in the capitals of the world, and the David Green brand name being internationally acclaimed. Having successfully established the eyewear business he has embarked on a new project to launch a limited range of stunning timepieces. Only 500 will initially be produced – each containing an individual leaf as the signature statement of the brand.

Talk us through the new David Green Timepiece Collection…
The entire collection is hand-crafted in a very intricate and personal manner, with an emphasis on individuality and style. Following through with my philosophy of ‘individuality in harmony with nature’, a real leaf has been inserted into the face of each watch, creating an individual DNA for each timepiece and its owner.

Can consumers expect any other special materials or technical capabilities from the timepieces?
We’ve strived to use natural and genuine materials; the case is made of iron-plated stainless steel and the dial plate is crafted from brass with a mineral glass face. We’ve also incorporated genuine leather straps with striking green hand-stitching.

What is the next evolutionary step for the brand?
Further visual expressions that are more and more prominent and dramatic, like now having leaves on the outside front faces of our eyewear.

Looking at the South African market, how has the man's role in fashion buying changed in the years?
It has definitely evolved as men are definitely more stylish than they were back in the day. The South African man is seeking meaning to what a brand is offering and how this will be an expression of his values. Not just taking things on face value anymore. The South African man is demanding and wants to know the story behind the brand and what a brand is doing, not just what it stands for.

Describe the male David Green consumer...
A man who resonates with the environment and demands depth in the thinking and development of any discerning product which they purchase.

David Green's Top 3 Fashion Tips?
Zig while they zag. Zag while they zig. Be an expression of yourself.

David Green's Top 3 Must-Have Fashion Items?
Stylish eyewear
Classic timepiece
Uncomplicated shoes

Evidently, the David Green man is contemporary, discreetly stylish and presents an understated elegance. As a discerning individual, he appreciates time, craftsmanship and quality of each David Green Timepiece. With global trends moving towards ‘green’ awareness, which in turn is rapidly spreading throughout modern products, David Green continues to pioneer environmentally responsible design. Are you ready to show your support and leave your green footprint? We hope so…

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