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Monday, August 19, 2013

#MBFWCT2013: Day 1 – Highlights – Adriaan Kuiters

Set inside the heritage site, the IZIKO National Art Gallery, Keith Henning collaborated with Jody Paulsen to bring a new energy to the latest collection for Adriaan Kuiters. Dipped in luxury, stitched with old money, the collection presented exuded what it felt and looked like to understand fashion and style the way people who grew up with money understood wealth and how to spend it. Soft, casual, bespoke, confident, structured in a delicate manner; sheer fabrics breathed feminine nuances in a cut and style boldly masculine. Hats! Hats! Hats! You all know how we love ourselves some super fabulous hats! Once upon a time the collection began with pristine whites, much like a cloud on a humid summer’s day. Soon the story travelled into blacks and moved into beige. And then there were prints. In artist sync with Art Lab, silks dyed and printed into glamorous repetitive eyes, pale roses, and even a deep black sky with a vivid burnt sunset on the hem of the bodice. Who the Adriaan Kuiters guy is this spring summer you can’t really pinpoint. What you do know for sure about him is that he doesn’t fail to understand the best way to exact effortless style and ooze utter financial sensuality.

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  1. Lunga you making me feel like when I usually perform, "the only black guy" on the line up lol... Nice one homie!