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Monday, August 19, 2013

#MBFWCT2013: Day 1 – Highlights - GOAT

GOAT. Goat used to be a brand I was fairly familiar with; after some time I lost touch and the store in town closed down. Then I once heard there was a workshop or space open in Woodstock from which GOAT continued to exist. Until fashion week I had not seen any work since the golden days. The collection presented was simple and profoundly simple. It was wearable and buyable. One or two of the looks would not work in its complete form but wearing the pant or bodice with other separates surely puts you on the radar with street style photographers (which Cape Town is drowning in these days). Taking on the old faithful fabrics choice of prints, GOAT manages to introduce them in a manner even the most straightest of kasi boys would be keen to venture into the streets wearing. My particular favourites include the full green and black print in day shirt and shorts and also the full day shirt and shorts combo in candyfloss. The looks in ivory showcase an introduction from the brand to a type of sports luxe combination. Active wear, tailored and cut correctly elevates its status to urban wear or active leisure wear – where the concept is the ability to look fantastic while being able to participate in an active moment in the same clothes. Essentially, as a possible official comeback moment, GOAT presented a an entirely retail-able collection with pieces that are courageous and those that are conservative with plenty of style.

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