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Monday, August 19, 2013

#MBFWCT2013: Day 1 – Highlights – Ruald Rheeder

Ruald Rheeder was such a fun collection for me. Super fun. If I didn’t know any better I’d say Ruald managed to crack the nautical theme effortlessly. Something Fabiani I hope took notes of. When you’re going to pick a theme and tell us about it, make sure you run with it and it translate. Ruald Rheeder presented us with a sailor with an edge. This kid is a skipper by day and a charmer by night. Cladded in loafers, boat shoes, chinos, nautical drop neck vests, navy jackets and stripes, he goes about town cool calm collected. Just like it should be. His suits are both conservative and he owns a few quirky print inspired blazers and pants, but the point of his wardrobe is to stay fashionable in a practical manner. For his off-days at the yacht club he parades around in Hellenic inspired swimwear. A little Versace of him but in a local flavour. Essentially, this spring summer’s Ruald Rheeder is young and bold, beautiful and brave, confident and adventurous. He’s about taking a leap of faith in yourself and realising that the bolder the move the sweeter the rewards.

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