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Monday, August 19, 2013

#MBFWCT2013: Day 1 – Highlights – Kim Gush

Oh how I love me some Kim Gush. I stood through this collection with a solid grin on my face. I just couldn’t help it. The type of in-your-face attitude the designer and her collection bring to the game is thick enough to slice with a carving knife. Still on the gothic, leather-clad route; Kim introduces what I believe to be a step forward from the last collection (although many will disagree with me); a wearable collection. Her previous range was literally the same theme and styling but a lot more theatrical and over the top. This collection is just as dark and sinister but this time it offers pieces wearable straight off the ramp. Blacks, with soft sheers in dropped cowl-necklines; soft and flowing stretch fabrics which shape and form your body in movement create a silhouette much more intimate and shaped. Yes, at first sight it appears as though she hasn’t don’t anything different, but in fact, she’s now given you – the guy – options you can actually wear out on the weekend and thoroughly enjoyed yourself being seen in.

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