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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

ED’S CHOICE: Softsheen Carson’s Blue Ice Anti-Perspirant

Yo, listen, let’s just get one major thing clear; I’m no dirty talker but I also prefer to get straight to the point. I have heavy-duty underarms. When it’s hot, I have to be sure I’m walking out of the house wearing the right and best deodorant to ensure I have a fresh and dry day all the way.

So when I received a parcel from Softsheen Carson Laboratories of their latest – Blue Ice Anti-Perspirant – I kind of took a step back; thinking I’d been offended I just didn’t bother testing the product. After a week or so I found myself realizing the foolishness of my judgement and decided I would go for this and see what happens.

It works. I’m not so ‘high five’ about the fragrance – it’s a kind of slightly clinical, cool, dry smell – it smells amazingly fresh, but in all honesty I do prefer my deodorants scentless or fragrance free as the ads like to say. Kept amazing dry for the entire day, the anti-perspirant definitely does some work. I’m not trying to gross anyone out but I sometimes don’t feel the need to wax my armpits, which means any deodorant applied will lay predominantly on your underarm hair as opposed to the skin – which is a challenge. Not for Blue Ice though.

Somehow the liquid makes its way to my skin and the direct contact then works to protect the skin from dryness and irritation and also ensures I go through a splendid day. Available countrywide from all leading retailers, I would recommend any gent currently in a transitional phase deciding which deodorant to go for while looking for better results, to give this baby a try.

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