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Monday, October 14, 2013

#LEGENDARY: David West – Where Art Thou

So over the weekend we had so many fabulous chats with different people that we smile from ear to ear. One of these beautiful moments in life included a brief and nostalgic discussion around David West.

Where are you Sir West? We miss your clothes. Them tailored lines, light fabrics and perfect form fitting cuts. Summer days will now only be recounted with vintage pieces from your collections and iconic finds from Weekend Special.

One sad thing that we all realized from the brief chat about David was that local consumers don’t back up local designers. Another reason why Woolworths, Edcon and the likes thrive – because they swallow all the design talent and we don’t get to taste their clothes.

We once witnessed a collection, menswear, by a young man from DAF last year. As we googled him to find out where we could buy his clothes he politely mentioned that he’s working at Woowlorths and his contract doesn’t allow him to trade outside the boundaries of Woolworths…


Now we have to wait years before we can wear his clothes, if he ever breaks away from the clutches of the security of a regular income. Anyway, we just wish the other designers hang in there… We need different… We need fashion designers…

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