Wednesday, October 30, 2013

#NEWS: Palladium Boots in South Africa

Like a hail storm in Cape Town on a sunny day, Palladium Boots popped up in Canal Walk instantaneously and packing a major historical punch. As a brand that began with humble roots making tyres for the aviation industry in Europe, Palladium soon had to evolve with the times and they put together their mental and physical resources to creating hard wearing boots, which we incredibly comfortable and durable.

The brand’s personality speaks to those who travel, seek adventure and enjoy a new discovery. It’s a brand that encourages discovering the new and exciting inner workings of the terrain in which one lives in, globally from a local perspective. Canal Walk was the first step in bringing this history and energy to the country, and Eastgate in Johannesburg, will be its second step.

So if you’re into investing in hard wearing tools for everyday living with style, make sure you get yourself a pair of Palladium Boots for an instant wardrobe update with longevity. And they are awesome with that entire range of denim and cotton pieces on your rail.

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