Tuesday, October 29, 2013

EDITORS CHOICE: The Pebble by Bulbul

I like cool things and I cannot lie. You other fashionistas can’t deny. Looking fab and smelling delish while strutting down the street in my latest threads; it makes you all look twice and think thrice – it could be you.

The coolest thing I’ve just come across is the Pebble by Danish watch design brand Bulbul. It’s like life – organic. Taking its shape and form from the pebbles found on Scandinavian beaches, it appropriates the functionality of modern day watches and slips out as the most simplest yet elegant piece of chronometer one could invest in in recent months.

Pebble is designed by the Danish design super-group KiBiSi. It’s a piece of asymmetrical, soft-spoken art. Telling time like a narrator as opposed to a watch, Pebble comes as a subdued result of focused craftsmanship. Combining organic shapes and fine Italian crafted leather, Pebble steps onto your wrist as an international hybrid of heritage and openness. For me, there’s a sense of independent will from the Pebble, as if it’s defying the odds to be what it believes it should be, and that is unique.

If you’re in love with Bulbul’s Pebble, as much as I am, then you can contact Daniel Shapiro and he will sort you out. Wish he could sort me out actually with a black one! The Pebble retails for R4’500 at present.

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