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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

EDITOR’S CHOICE: President For Life – Luxury for your jewels

Underwear is sadly something we all think about the least. It doesn’t help the cause that amazing underwear almost doesn’t exist, except for a few gems here and there. One of those gems I’ve recently discovered is President For Life. Luxury boxers, spearheaded by Agya Appiah, are the hottest ticket in men’s fashion right now. Made in limited runs of specially crafted Dutch wax fabrics made in Ghana, the collections presented by President For Life will leave your prized possessions feeling extremely well taken care of.

Apart from the original creations owning entirely new prints as part of their package, they also possess a cut that will ride up all the right areas and leave you happy to bail nothing out of place at any point in time during the day as you live your life. One thing is for sure, with President For Life, women now have a reason to rip the clothes of their men’s backs.

To get yourself a pair or two or three, visit President For Life, now.

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