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Friday, January 17, 2014

#NEWS: BOOM! And We’re Back – With a Bang

It’s 2014 and there’s a string of New Year’s resolutions making their rounds in the air. We only have one – TO BE THE BEST. At what(?) you ask… Well, at being us!

Quite frankly, last year taught us some incredibly valuable lessons. Some of those lessons were a lot more painful to accept than others, and a few put amazing smiles on our faces. One thing was clear though, less clutter, much more simplicity and understanding why we do the work we do were the most important lessons we could have learned last year.

So, here we are. Doing our best to walk the talk in our best leather loafers. First up on our agenda, is today’s launch of our very own digizine. It’s quite small, and currently filled with our highlights from the previous year, with one or two brand new pieces of content.

It’s not something we rushed or did nonchalantly. It’s been in the pipeline since the blog’s inception. In fact, the blog exists because the dream of a digital magazine existed before it and we needed to find a way of testing the waters and whether we were really ready for this.

We’re still not ready – however – if you don’t do something about what you love and wish, it won’t ever materialize. This digizine is a work in progress. How frequent it will turn out to be, we’re not sure. We do know, though, we’d like to put out an autumn/winter edition. So who knows, maybe something great will pop onto your screens around April or May this 2014.

When it’s LIVE, read through it and let us know your thoughts. This blog has been alive for this long because of the energy and construction you – our stud consumer – have been feeding it.

Here’s to a mind-blowing 2014,

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