Tuesday, November 26, 2013

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: We're Looking Forward To A New Us

Hi Everyone,

We know it's sudden, but it's so completely needed. We're going under the knife, sort to speak, in preparation for an incredible 2014. The year with an unlucky number for some has been good, we've been better at things this year, but we think it's time to work towards being great next year.

So although the blog itself is down for the time being, we'll try and keep some activity happening on our other channels.

And while we're away, don't forget you can still reach us via email and tell us all about yourself or let us in on all the men's fashion and grooming happenings, so we can be sure to inform the gents in 2014.

So remember, fashion is a fader, style is eternal.

Stay true to you.

Monde Mtsi & the Renaissance Men SA team

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