Tuesday, February 11, 2014

#NEWS: American Apparel Now Available Exclusively to Superbalist in SA

Truth be told, we’re not that excited about American Apparel’s availability in South Africa. It’s just another brand that provides a selection of basics for men to stay treading on safe ground for longer with another excuse added to their list.


However, we will let you in on the latest news, anyway. Superbalist.com, formally known as CitiMob.com, is the exclusive online (and offline) retailer for the brand American Apparel, which was founded by the Canadian entrepreneur Dov Charney in 1989.

It’s a brand that simply epitomises the ‘American varsity dream’. Simple tees, basic hoodies, comfort and cottons all the way. Think of high school and college jocks and their cheerleader girl/friends: you’re talking American Apparel. This brand is definitely one for our local jocks from institutions such as St. Lukes or St. Johns etc where the boys are African originals with American accents and mentalities.

How better than to make sure they now look the part too. So go and check it out boys – American Apparel, now available at Superbalist.com! Oh, and you can get your cheerleader girlfriend items too – they have a range of womenswear pieces too.

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