Monday, February 17, 2014

#NEWS: PUMA Launches the Year of the Horse

A little while ago we had a chuckle over coffee with a friend of ours. She was complaining about how everything is moving so fast for her and she’s just been playing catch-up ever since the year started. The real chuckle came when she mentioned that she ‘was born in the year of the pig or chicken and this year is the horse’ so of course, it’s galloping away while she slowly attempts to follow through, one half-step at a time.

And then PUMA happened to us. And just like the Chinese Zodiac states, The Year of the Horse is 2014 and the sports brand has been dashing along ever since. So much so that we also thought we’d shared this post already, until we realised recently, we hadn’t. Sorry. We were clearly not born the year of the horse either.

Anyway. Launching this 2014 Chinese New Year, PUMA released two of its most popular and iconic silhouettes – the PUMA Suede and PUMA Suede Mid. Both styles have been embellished with Traditional Chinese elements and symbols. The Chinese symbol for horse has been embroidered on the tongue and etched on a wooden traditional chess piece that hangs on the shoes’ eyelet.

Executed in lush suede upper materials and coloured in rich sudan and chocolate brown tones, these two babies will make great additions to the wardrobe this year. Pair these with denims in either winter or summer and you’re well on your way to looking super sports luxury sharp.

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