Monday, March 3, 2014

#COLLECTION: Topman 2014 is a Collection for All Men

In the midst of confusion and chaos, Topman has put together a new collection for 2014 that follows three main lifestyle options for men to follow. Simple and edgy, these trends add some needed and appreciated foresight into ones style and gives the wearer further command on the streets. Featuring ‘Sport to Street’, ‘Trailer Grunge’, and ‘Festivulture’; Topman introduces the man on the ground to a series of epic looking garments for the ultimate silhouette.

As incredibly well cut and sleek the collections present themselves, we can’t help feeling like they are holding back from really being as bold and out there as they claim to be. There’s a sense of confirming to the norm and breaking through the borders in small doses here and there. Coming from a British brand, one would think that Topman is at the point in its life where it takes the biggest risks in menswear.

None the less, the garments are great quality for their price and we look forward to indulging in some pieces soon.

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