Wednesday, March 12, 2014

#EVENT: Edgars Media Day at Turbine Hall written by Zesipho Mncwango

In the dimmed lighting, brocade armchairs and low-hanging chandeliers setting of an old-Hollywood style hotel lobby in central Paris, a journalist set out to achieve the impossible in understanding the workings and complexities of the creative genius that is John Galliano. Perhaps the most pertinent of all the journalist hoped Galliano would divulge, was his opinion on what he longed most to change about the world of fashion.

Galliano's answer was uncharacteristically simple: "People don’t dress up anymore, we've got to change that".

Years later, as if they'd been present in that very same old-Hollywood style Parisian hotel lobby with dim lighting, brocade arm chairs and low-hanging chandeliers, and had heard the words of Galliano himself, Edgars Fashion presented its official Autumn/ Winter 2014 offering at Newtown's Turbine Hall; ironically a venue with its own old Hollywood meets modern contemporary urban architectural ambiance. The venue, and the marriage of its old-Hollywood chic meets new-school and modernist cool themes were a perfect backdrop for both the event and the collection itself which embodied this perfect combination and balance of classic dressing and modernism.

When John Galliano remarked that "people don’t dress up anymore" and that this was something that needed to be changed, the fashion creatives at Edgars got to work, and responded by creating the Winter Luxe A/W 2014 collection. Rooted in the concepts of 'denim deluxe,' 'urban warrior,' 'tough and natural luxe' and 'armoire' as sources of inspiration and a point of departure for the collection, Winter Luxe seeks to return everyday fashion to a more dressed-up (but still effortless) version of its former self.

The Winter Collection redefined the Edgars man, and his identity in the world of fashion, style and trends.  The fashion-world understands now, more than ever who the Edgars man is stylistically, because he emulates his style with a stronger voice than ever. He is suave but effortlessly so, he epitomises chic and easy luxe, he appreciates fine tailoring but hasn’t compromised or lost the relaxed and casual element of his style that keeps him comfortable and balances his penchant for vintage classics with modernity and fashion forwardness.

This A/W 2014 season sees the Edgars man in Celine inspired iconic checks, subtly incorporated into the rest of his look; they’re on his bowtie, on the finishings of his shirt collar or on his cuffs. The armoire style inspiration has him looking more Chuck Bass than ever before, but that doesn’t mean he's letting go of his appreciation for being understated when he's dressed down in his 'denim deluxe' pieces and statement sneakers, which are the season's must-haves.

This winter season is the ideal time to play around with fashion's latest 'layering' phenomenon and the Edgars man was kitted out in must have style-staples; longer length trenches and coats in muted tone blacks, nudes and beiges at the season's Winter Collection launch. Leather and Faux fur lining and finishing transformed the Edgars man into the 'Urban Warrior' the fashion  team sought to create, but it was the uber cool pops of colour (mainly in pastel blue tones and shades) in his winter staple-item cardigan, bomber jacket and longer length tee's, that cemented his style identity for the season.

If John Galliano were present to witness the Edgars Winter Luxe collection he'd agree on two things. First, that Edgars has got people dressing up again, and secondly, that the Edgars man is more (well) dressed than ever.

Please note story is written by Zesipho Mncwango (Features Writer - JNB)

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  1. But this post features more ladieswear and ladies than men? I follow your blog and usually enjoy the content but I'm confused.