Tuesday, March 18, 2014

#GROOMING: No More Shaving Bumps with DX Smooth After Shave Bump Shield

A common challenge most men share when it comes to shaving is what to do with the after-effects of the shave and your skin for those immediate few days after. There’s usually irritation, which is typically inflamed; you get ingrown hairs and bumps – some as big as speed bumps.

DX Smooth is a product out in the market that, for an accessible price, can assist in ensuring you have no more issues with the above mentioned. Its clinically proven formulation helps prevent bumps and relieves irritated skin. Applied as a daily treatment, the shield also helps fade darkened skin to reveal lighter, more even tones.

DX Smooth After Shave Bump Shield is available from all major retailers nationwide – RRP R52.99 (100ml).

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