Thursday, April 24, 2014

#EDITORS_CHOICE: adidasZA ZX FLUX Global Launch

I get very perturbed when I attend events in Cape Town that also happen in Johannesburg. This is usually driven by the fact that the Joburg counterpart is always bigger and better. Why? I completely draw blank on answers to the why. It’s not like Cape Town is short on amazing guests to invite or incredible 5-Star venues to host events in. But there seems to be an underestimating or perhaps a condescending attitude towards Capetonians that they possibly don’t deserve amazing because we’re so chilled.

Anyway. A little while back I attended the global launch of the adidas ZX Flux Collection. A pack of truly gifted sneakers. Simple in design and complex in some styles. The pack consists of three styles in various colourways. I managed to get delivered as part of the media drops, the adidas FX Base in black. Awesome; considering now I can wear it with anything and everything. The launch events were held at Area3 in Jozi and at Smith & Abrahams for Capetonians.

Genuinely speaking I only lasted at the Cape Town event because of the peeps present. If I hadn’t seen anyone I’m overly familiar with, I might have left early. Pics for the Cape Town event will be up as soon as the film from the disposable camera is developed; for now, enjoy the pics from the Johustleburg event.

Look out for follow-up posts with details on the sneaks.

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