Wednesday, April 23, 2014

#EDITORS_CHOICE: Mercedes-Benz BOKEH SA International Fashion Film Festival

I have always had a love for fashion films. There’s something alluring about a motion picture presentation that is all about the clothes and very little about the model. Albeit, the model or actor and what they are doing in the film influence how you react to the clothes, I’m always mostly captivated by the styling and wardrobe choices.

Now, Mercedes-Benz comes even closer to bringing me to climax with South Africa’s inaugural Mercedes-Benz Bokeh (pronounced bouquet) Fashion Fashion Festival. Set over three days in June 2014, this styled-infused extravaganza has been successfully executed in various fashion-forward capitals around the globe, and now, Cape Town, South Africa gets to add its name to the list. As if our star-studded list was not long enough already.

“Our involvement with fashion is a central component of our lifestyle marketing activities, and the Mercedes-Benz brand partnership with the Bokeh Fashion Film Festival plays an important role in highlighting our perspective in the world of fashion film,” says Claudia Walters of Mercedes-Benz. “Fashion and automobiles are actually more closely linked than one might imagine at first glance. Design and image govern both industries, and are among the most important determining factors to the success of both automobile and fashion brands,” adds Walters.

To make sure you don’t miss out on anything, make sure you visit the festival’s website for all the details –

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