Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#NEWS: Dance from A-Z with Diesel and Jogg Jeans

Have you ever experienced that moment when you were breaking it down on the floor and all of a sudden you either couldn’t get any further down or just couldn’t manoeuvre back up because your jeans were just on some other tip? Yeah? Embarrassing isn’t it. Well, Diesel has just the pair of jeans that could save your street cred next time you decide to James Brown in the middle of the club.


In a break-out move from the ‘Successful Living’ brand, Diesel has created a pair of denims called ‘Jogg Jeans’ which combine the awesome versatility and flexibility of sweats with the stylish and hard-wearing yarn and dyes of denim; making this pair a perfect hybrid of style, comfort and freedom to move.

In collaboration with i-D and directed by Jacob Sutton, Diesel launches a promotional video to showcase the Jogg Jeans’ possibilities: ‘A-Z of Dance’. The production presents talents in pop culture today moving in Jogg Jeans showing us why they’re making waves and why these jeans are the future. The video includes moments from the Soul Step team who starred in Tick Owen’s ground-breaking SS14 show; Nicole ‘The Pole’ Williams, star performer in Rihanna’s ‘Pour It Up’ video; and even Atlanta’s Twerk Team finest, Mizz Twerksum and Lascious.

Jogg Jeans are available in various styles, including jackets and will ensure no matter what kind of moment you’re in, your freedom to move will always be acknowledged.

Have you got the moves for #JoggJeans? Watch this video and decide if you can step it up:

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