Wednesday, April 30, 2014

#NEWS: G-Star RAW Takes Military to the Future

We’re not much about the army but we’re definitely into key military pieces – every season. G-Star RAW drops a selection of RAW Cargo that combines what we thought we knew about military styles and camouflage and drops a petite collection of futuristic military pieces that will definitely stand the test of time.

Offering all-over waves of camouflage on pants and tops, the collection also sees a minute introduction of khaki tones for shorts and select trousers which can be paired with shirts hosting large utility pockets and basics in comfortable fits.

My favourite pieces are the reversible Burmans bomber in nylon-backed mesh and Troupman bomber in lightweight nylon (both of which I’d love to own), and there’s also the well-cut Troupman tee in slubby jersey.

Troupman Shirt + Burman Reversible Bomber Jacket + Sobeck Tank top + Type C 3D Loose Tapered Jeans

Troupman Bomber + Troupman Tee + Landoh Shirt + Type c 3D Tapered Jeans

These are pieces guys need to own in order to further extend their already multi-disciplinary wardrobes. And there’s no excuse because the colours and cuts are super masculine too.

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