Monday, April 28, 2014

#NEWS: Version 2.0 of PUMATRAC launched by Puma

In October 2013, PUMA launched its first running mobile app - PUMATRAC for iPhone. Now, version 2.0 is available for both iPhone and Android making the app more accessible to runners everywhere, eliminating excuses not to run. Accessing your favorite playlists is simple - in addition to iTunes, users have the option of syncing their Spotify account directly though PUMATRAC so not to interrupt their workout with multiple screens.

The long, cold winter has inspired an additional update, which includes a treadmill toggle mode allowing users to track their run indoors. To avoid the risk of accidentally stopping your workout, a stop hold feature has been built in so you can hold down for five seconds to pause your workout.

Need more inspiration to run? A social leaderboard allows users to compare their performance and RunScore against family, friends and colleagues and mark their favorites for a competitive twist.


To explore version 2.0, download PUMATRAC today and get running.

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