Thursday, May 1, 2014

#CAMPAIGN: Topman Introduces its New Fit T-Shirt Campaign

Tees are a boy’s best friend. Much like diamonds are to girls. And Topman has put together nine tees, only of which four will be making their way to our shores, to fit every guy on earth. Whether you’re much more of a grunge punk or a skater boy or that dude next door who likes his tees with extra length; Topman has a fitting tee just for you.

The above four are the tees in the campaign, which will be available at Topman outlets in South Africa. The Grunge Scoop Fit Tee is slimmer, uses premium fabrics and has a great and deep scoop detail. The Skater Fit Tee is an awesome oversized number that has an edgy drop shoulder. The Roller Fit Tee is like a bumper packed version of the classic fit t-shirt. Containing a drop shoulder and fixed roll-up, this baby creates a new dynamic in movement freedom in the tee. The Classic Crew Fit Tee is standard oversized with a drop shoulder.

If you’re on the hunt for tees to fill in the spaces amongst your key seasonal pieces, these would make great additions to your wardrobe and style.

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