Friday, May 2, 2014

#GROOMING: Dr Gobac Exfoliating Masque

There are very few opportunities to allow yourself appropriate ‘me time’, and even less time to actually have any ‘me time’ with today’s fast-paced living. One product currently on the market demands such time is made for oneself. Even if it is a ere 30 minutes, Dr Gobac’s Exfoliating Masque is a dream product whose rules of engagement should be respected and upheld. For just a mere 30-minutes in a day, possibly twice a week, man could easily find themselves returning to youthful looking skin with very little harmful scrubbing done.

Packed with papain enzyme which dissolves dead keratinised epidermis and Vitamin E acetate which feeds the skin and improves elasticity, this exfoliating masque ensures skin is cleaned, preened and protected while being moisturized. For a bold R425 per tube, one is grateful the product actually does what is expected of it, and therefore allowing the price tag to be secondary to the amazing skin being witnessed by society.

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