Thursday, May 1, 2014

#EDITORS_CHOICE: Spree Winter Look Board 2014 - Menswear

Spree into Winter this year with and their new menswear selection available online, right now. Set in the modern Wembley Square 2 event area, Spree wowed us with a great fashion event production by none other than Deon Redman. A man who probably does nothing more in his life than dream up great productions to keep our style mouths watering.

I was up on my toes with excitement all night and just couldn’t get enough of the great key menswear pieces featured. There were no iPad stations available to do online shopping on the spot of looks you wanted as you saw them, and some pieces were better off behind the scenes. I won’t deny though, it was spectacular and a majority of the items showcased were great and very versatile for both the coming Summer after Winter and for next winter.

Anyway, enough blogging and time for some watching. Check this short video out for some action on the night.

Be sure to check to out for the full look board.

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