Monday, May 12, 2014

#GROOMING: Shaping Clay by Lock Stock & Barrel

A little while ago we bumped into a friend in the CBD area. Cape Town’s wind is notorious for ruining anyone’s great hair day and turning it into a terrible bad hair moment – all day long.

His hair was not exactly fixed. But it was styled in a particular way. Half-fringe, swished to the back, moved around the head at the back to the front again. It kind of looked like a scoop of ice cream. After careful investigation, we asked the million rand question: How is your hair still intact?

The answer was shocking simple and made such practical sense. Lock Stock & Barrel’s Shaping Clay. Incredibly effectively and easy to use, LS&B’s Shaping Clay gives amazing volume and leaves your hair textured with a matte finish. The clay’s hold factor of 4 is by far it’s most prominent selling point, especially with the winds we experience.

So if you’re looking for a product to ensure all day shape, control and architectural styling, make sure you get your hands on LS&B’s Shaping Clay. It retails for R265.00 per 100g and is available from select salons, Barnett Fair and Scar Salons.

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