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Saturday, May 10, 2014

#THELOOKBOOK: The Weekend Off

Welcome to #TheLookbook, our very own Renaissance Men SA version of style diary posts. Today’s look is called The Weekend Off.

The Weekend Off is a look about general casualness + comfort + a little bit of warmth and texture. Let’s not kid, when the chill factor (nature-wise) hits in Cape Town, you ain’t no gladiator of fashion when you’re shivering cold. So it’s best to perk up your defence and head out armoured. A recommendation of thin warm layers below and a medium knit or weave on top. Top off with kick-ass shades and a beanie and every day off is a fashion day on.

Have a good look at the feature image and then we’ll get into what’s what in the look.

A – The Baggy Jumper – Jimmy Long Sleeve Intarsia in Blue/Milk by Old Khaki
The bigger the better. It’s all about volume. Forget fitted and petite and such ludicrous suggestions that everything should fit you perfectly; you’re not perfect and neither is your style, so embrace it. The great opportunity with this baggy jumper from Old Khaki is its utilitarianism. Want to wear it to work? Put your navy chinos on and a salmon shirt underneath and you’re good to go. Perhaps you’d like to wear it to dinner with friends? Pair it again with chinos or denims and brogues and slip on a thin weave turtleneck underneath in navy, black or chocolate and you’ll be 007 cool. 

B – The Slim Leg – Slim Cut Relays from Markham
Black is black for days and denim is denim for decades. Started off as something looked down upon, denim is now the quintessential wardrobe item in every city of every country in this world in any language. This pair is from Markham, from their Relay brand. They are quite a boxy cut and I’m not sure whether it’s weight loss or just the denims themselves, but they do have a slightly unflattering fit around the hip-to-thigh area. They are a great length though, with an in-seam (the measurement of the leg from inside) of 34inches that touches just on the ankle. There’s nothing more one can say about what else to wear jeans with because it’s been said already. If you don’t know it by now I’m not sure why you’re even reading this post. #justsaying

C – The Sneakers – adidas ZX FLUX Base Pack in Black from adidas Originals
These adidas ZX FLUX Base Packs dropped just a little while ago and they are by far some of the comfiest sneakers I’ve ever set my foot in. The fact that they’re black as well helps with wardrobe coordinating since they officially match anything on my rail. Great for toning down a dressed up outfit and dressing up a casual look, they will get you through the day without being reminded you’ve been on your feet all day. Plus, you can ‘fun’ them by changing the colour of your shoelaces to match an accessory or accent colour in your look for that day.

D – The Outerwear – The Peak Coat by Cignal from Markham
Outerwear is always great fun especially when done right. For guys though, it’s not always as risqué as for women, however, it doesn’t mean you can’t feel good about your buy. Today’s outerwear is a peak coat by Markham from their Cignal collection. 50% polyester and 50% wool, it’s not as luxurious as one would wish but it does do the job. Warmth, comfort and should it rain, you’ll stay quite dry. And in black, it’s a sure winner to fit in with multiple items in your closet.

E – The Pouch – Blesbok Leather Pouch in Black by Okapi
I do enjoy a little bag of goodies wherever I go. This little black number is one of my favourites at the moment. I practically go everywhere with it. It can be dressed up or down and never stands out without permission. It’s a great option for carrying only the most important items. Next the upgrade is one slightly bigger with a strap!

F – The Socks – The Eyes by Nic Socks
Socks just wanna have fun. You know your socks just wanna have fun. Okay, so maybe those are not the original lyrics, but they might as well be. I can’t reiterate the message any further – have some god damn fun with your socks!

G – The Headgear – Beanie in Black from Street Vendor
I used to love beanies. Then I got over them. Then I hijacked this black one from my homie, Nikita, which she had bought for R20 from a street vendor. I’ve been wearing it since. There’s something to be said about beanies and their place in the winter fashion food chain. If I had to fancy it to animal planet, I’d say a beanie is much like a lion. At the top of the food chain, doing very little hunting but eating quite a bit of the prey. Because that’s what beanies do. They kind of look harmless until they are on top of your outfit. Then they just chow the prey (everyone else on the streets not wearing a beanie). It’s quite fascinating really. Get one; you’ll know what I’m talking about. And for the practical guys – get one because it’ll keep your head (and hair) warm and dry.

H – The Shades – Wayfarers with Polarized lenses in by Ray-Ban from Luxottica
Ever wondered what it would be like to wear a pair of super classic and uber cool shades and not only really block out the sun and its rays but also see the world a whole lot clearer? Well, now’s your chance with the pair of polarized Ray-Ban wayfarers, like the pair I wear in the look. Everything all of a sudden looks photoshopped. Clear colours, no dusty grain effects. Pure crystal clear colour with a refreshing tint. And did I mention how super cool and super classic these frames are? That means, you won’t ever be out of fashion – especially when you buy original.

I – The Face – Grooming by Dr Gobac + L’Oréal Men Expert + BVLGARI
For this specific look my grooming was managing by my Exfoliating Masque by Dr Gobac Cosmeceuticals. Used once a week, this 20-minute masque is smooth on the face, easily applied and washes off quick and easy taking all the dirt with it leaving you with fresh and optimized skin. I usually keep that regenerated kick going by applying my favourite turbo booster of the moment, L’Oréal Men Expert’s Hydra X Energetic. From the second it hits my skin my face experiences a chill and is instantly hydrated for the whole day. Its finish is non-sticky and used after a shave, it soothes the sensation of razor burns. Top the grooming buss off with a great all-day scent. In my case, BVLGARI MAN Extreme. It’s not too spicy and it’s heavy enough to leave the nose wondering for more. The great thing about this baby is that it sits on both the skin and palette – the whole day.

J – The Accessory – 20th Anniversary Edition Lomo from Exposure Gallery
Every boy needs a toy, and every guy needs an upgraded toy. The 20th Anniversary Lomo by Lomography, available from Exposure Gallery, is a great little 35mm film camera. It’s like a modern blast from the past that captures amazing moments and leaves you with anticipation anxiety because you have to develop the film in order to see what you have captured. The camera works with both colour and black & white film and uses a special lens and filter to create original moments.

So take some time off to get casually dressed up. Take this look for a walk at Old Biscuit Mill and attempt to shade the kool kids while you’re looking just as hella fine. Meet up with the boys (or girls), have a snack and a few drinks. Dressed like this you’re meant to have fun in a casual ambience that is filled with love, life and laughter.

Photographs all captured by Leslie aka LeHydro.

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