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Monday, May 5, 2014

#NEWS: Happy Socks For Everyone

There’s very little in the world that has the ability to give us, at Renaissance Men SA absolute instant pleasure and happiness. One of those few things is Happy Socks. A Swedish brand by two friends and business partners, Mikael Soderlindh – CEO of Happy Socks, and Viktor Tell – Creative Director of Happy Socks; the brand has sincerely taken over the world by a storm of proud, dancing feet.

Much like the animated movie ‘Happy Feet’, the brand and your feet are real life personifications of that cartoon feature film. You slip a pair on and all of a Sunday you’re dancing and singing, humming to the bees and there’s a smile not even sunshine can compare with on your face. But how can a simple item of everyday wear bring so much joy?

Simple really. Through a simple concept of ‘turning a daily item into a moment of joy’ Happy Socks revolutionized the concept of socks and what they meant to you. Now, not just something put on to keep the cold away or wear with your brogues, socks have become the statement piece of your ensemble. Now all black is never all black when you have a pair of amazing Happy Socks on.

So what are you waiting for? Go and get yourself a pair from leading retailers and experience the joy of Happy Socks.

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