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Friday, May 2, 2014

#EDITORS_CHOICE: Dr Gobac’s SPF25 Facial Sunscreen

I’m not too sure why they specify that it’s facial sunscreen. Where else does one put sunscreen anyways? Or is it to clarify that is you happen to put it on your back or chest or arms or legs when you’re at the beach that it won’t actually do anything? Not sure, will have to find out and let you know.

One thing I’m certain about is that it works like a miracle. Well, a miracle in terms of grooming experiences as opposed to religious connotations. One thing I recommend is that you put it on at least 30 minutes before you leave your house. I once applied it and left the house immediately thereafter. My face was melting. I mean, I might have put on a little too much, but I’m not sure. I am certain though that I was sweating far worse than a 6 year old in a child labour warehouse somewhere in the world.

The beauty trick about this product is that it stays through the day and once settled, it doesn’t actually sweat, a little glistening perspiration maybe, but definitely no sweating. So for an easygoing sunscreen for the Winter sun, which is usually more harmful than the summer sun, I recommend Dr Gobac’s SPF25 Facial Sunscreen. Its current retail price is R340 and is available at leading outlets or via

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