Tuesday, June 3, 2014

#COLLECTION: A. Sauvage presents the Nelson Collection

You have a blank canvas. You start with a simple image, and you layer it until you’ve pretty much filled up the space with everything. Then you begin to take away layers and pieces of this work from this canvas to reveal some white space again. By the time you’re back to a simple image, it’s not as simple anymore. It’s become a complex illustration depicting raw life in a beautiful cut and paste manner.

A. Sauvage’s Nelson Collection is just that. A simple complex collection with an intriguingly raw and honest image styled in a delicately beautiful manner. Repeated through a series of different items, including bags and wallets, the Nelson Collection presents itself as an every day cruise collection that is surreal in its modernism.

As always, it’s about cut and styling with A. Sauvage, revealing a highly comfort high-end collection.

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