Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Working a normal 9-5 and being a blogger is not easy. Especially when you have convinced yourself you’re a serious blogger and you’re not out for goodies bags (which I have convinced myself of). What this means is that when events start during office hours you have to be creative with your time. Sometimes you just have to sacrifice and arrive late for something because you needed to be at work.

Much like myself on Day 2. I pretty much missed having an orgasm watching Nicholas Coutts’ and BLANC by Alexander Blanc’s collections hitting the runway. Strong silhouettes and future forward fabrics from Coutts, while BLANC presented an almost entirely unisex collection. I needed to be there, however I had to finish my work first before I could get to fashion week. But life goes on, luckily Larry was there to photograph these auspicious moments.

The Look
For Day 2 I looked to designer Julia M’Poko for inspiration and assistance. Finalist in the ELLE Rising Star Design Awards 2014, Julia’s label Julienne is slowly taking shape and becoming a household name within the fashion fraternity. As a womenswear designer, taking the challenge to Julia to design an ensemble for me was part of the fun. This would be an opportunity for her to test her creativity and also give her something a little different of off-beat to work on. She didn’t disappoint. Taking to linen, leather and chiffon – Julia jumpstarted her design from her up coming collection which will feature predominantly all white garments with touches of texture play or colour here and there. What she produced in the end for me was a great summer look that focused on functional form with fashion forward nuances through its detail inclusions. Essentially, I looked amazing and the fraternity agreed.

Wardrobe credits go to Avec Juilenne designer Julia M'Poko

Kobus DippenaarAtelier – if it was only for the work on the embellishments, I don’t know. This show was just spectacular fun. Vibrancy, femininity, confidence, love, fun and a whole lot of attitude. High-class, affluent women who dress each day as if it were high tea – this show was just too good to my eyes. I’m not one to chat a lot about womenswear and what worked and what didn’t, but, this young man who grew up and comes from a small farming community really knows what he’s doing when it comes to elegant womenswear for day and definitely for night. I enjoyed the tropical rainforest theme – a change from the Asian inspired theme from the previous day which felt a little like over kill.

Ruald Rheeder – Splashes of colour, a touch of aztec, nomadic extra length tees and shirts, floral accents and a strong dose of day into evening ready-to-wear for men is what Ruald Rheeder dished out. A complete full circle from his previously dark, almost gothic, leather and lace collection. We find an ensemble of cottons and silks right for the African summer season. I noticed the collection was made entire of one-button suit jackets, except for two looks which had double-breasted jackets. I totally loved the onesie situations: full forest floral and the exquisite blue in long pant. I enjoyed the print-on-print-on-print of the polka dot suit and shirt. The collection definitely has some key items that will fill the summer wardrobe perfectly this coming season.

Photographs by Larry English.

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