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Wednesday, August 27, 2014


The last day of fashion week always has a different energy to it. Whether it’s the realisation that by midnight it will be over or the fact that menswear usually makes its biggest appearance then – one never really knows. One thing I did experience was a sense of ‘hangover’ from a few people who were questioning whether it was all worth it in the end. Questions of whether AFI or CSA were taking this serious enough and really delivering on expectations – not just the media’s – but of the designers, buyers and general public too.

The buzz on the day was the KlukCGDT show. Similar to what I usually get excited about when it’s a Tlale showing, however, the KlukCGDT show was in the evening, so I had no anxiety about missing an early show because of the previous night’s rachetness. Yes, fashion people get rachet, more so than ‘normal’ people. And especially at fashion week.

The Look
Disco, glitter, party was the order of the day. Once the theme for the KlukCGDT show had been disclosed it made sense to play my part is this fashion parade. I looked to Stiaan Louw to create that magic and I would simply skip around town looking fabulous. Stiaan didn’t dash anyone’s hopes. Silver grey sequinned oversized jumper (because I’m that oversized peep this winter) paired off with blue sequinned tights (not meggings or jeggings or treggings), add black leather patent loafers and close off the look with a soft leather pouch. That was me in some form of amazing glory. You couldn’t miss me. Even from the top of Table Mountain you could spot me. I loved it. And so did the world.

Wardrobe credit goes to Stiaan Louw for this awesome ensemble.

Danielle Margaux – Sponsored by JC Le Roux, Danielle Margaux held their second official showing at AFI’s MBFWCT. My first viewing of Danielle’s work was nothing short of breathtaking. Witnessing the fruits of someone’s hard work is always a pleasure, especially when you yourself once were where it all started with that designer. From humble lecture room beginnings at CPUT in 2002, until now, Danielle proved that a little big dream, perserverance, hard work and love really pays off in the end. Opening with an ensemble of delecate eveningwear, which catered to those posh party girls, I couldn’t help but envision Jackie O or Mrs First Lady Obama in her dresses. Lush fabrics, teeming floral prints, pulpy collars and grand flows were the order of the night. Think housewives heading to high tea at the Mount Nelson – it’s all just a delicious range of wearable confections.

Selfi – Are we off to tennis? Nope. Oh okay. Is that some galatic expression on dress-shirt? Maybe. Oh okay. No wait, is that confetti or cheese curls on your dress? I don’t know, you decide. I do like your visor and your chess board clutch, though. Thank you. This mustard works great with the royal blue. So does the high waisted pant and cropped top. Totally this coming summer. Selfi was ablaze. Sports luxe with an undeniable everyday luxury feel to it. Definitely one to stock up the closet with.

Loin Cloth & Ashes – A little like a history lesson with a twist. A revisit to the Voortrekker Monument with an updated wardrobe. A touch of the Amish… I wasn’t quite sure where to pin it apart from looking fresh to death and totally redefining the aesthetic that is Africa. So encouraging to see on the ramp designs that create a new perspective of things, a new language or dialogue. LC&A truly set a new pace for young designers to aspire to when it comes to showcasing your opinion on your surroundings.

Craig Port – It was all about romance and the English at the Port stable. Silks and cottons in soft blues, pinks, nudes and green. Prints seen were camouflage and a graphic butterfly design on a vest. Quilting was introduced in some pieces of the collection which seemed to cater quite a bit to the everyday guy looking for daywear that is easy, comfortable and trending. The suiting didn’t really come across as comfortable to me but I did love the outwear jackets that were introduced.

KlukCGDT – This moment was always going to be spectacular fun. Already from the email invitation to the guest listing of attendees. The collaboration with VLISCO and undoubtly the anticipation of the new conceptual space to be revealed. We (well I definitely was) were watering at the mouth from the moment day 3 of fashion week began. Shuttled off to the new store, Corner Waterkant and Bree Street, one was greated by sexy Mercedes-Benz cars and glammed up Studio 54 Girls in gorgeous KlukCGDT VLISCO treated garments. It was as if I’d taken the blue pill and gone to fantasy land. From the ground up to the upper level floor it was all glitz and glamour – and did we all see the jockstrap wearing boys cladded in uber cool Stiaan Louw? Of course you did! Essentially, the party was the highlight and the gorgeous clothes secondary to that.

Fabiani – Fabiani is always touch and go for me. The brand is so entrenched in its ways that it’s quite difficult for them to branch out and really start pushing boundaries. The Fabiani Italian Café theme this year was focused around more colour incorporation and the reintroduction of lighter but durable fabrics for day into night situations. Fabiani has a strong following with plenty of guys working towards the dapper suited look more and more. This collection will definitely sell well in retail and find a home in many a man’s wardrobe.

Photographs by Larry English.

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