Wednesday, September 17, 2014

#COLLECTION: Inaisce Fall Winter 2014

One never expects much from the internet. Not with all this over-night YouTube sensationalism and here-today gone-tomorrow celebrities, one is always rather left thirsty for real gems, beauties, things and people of true interest.

Out popped Inaisce on our Tumblr and all of a sudden we were sitting up right wanting more. There’s very little to say about this brand, which according to research started around 2010 as a very direct reaction to fashion, as we knew it. Inspired by the deconstruction of regular constructs and the opportunity to build new structures and create entirely new ideas and perceptions of fashion.

This collection is a leap from the previous collection and one in the right direction. Whether it’s an ode to the past or a foreword to the future, the collection presents an ideal opportunity for one to question what are the guides to the constructs of menswear in today’s time. What characteristics are considered those of a menswear collection and how do you decide what look is that which we should abide by for men who love fashion.

The brand and designer are known for having very little commentary about their work and about the industry and its so-called current trends, but surprisingly, this collection comes close to being part of the bigger conversation, the chat about sexuality, masculinity and the way forward for menswear.

Many designers are currently engaging those topics through their collections. The inclusions of skirts (not Kilts) and ‘feminine’ fabrications with off-shoulder tops and dramatic capes – this all beckons if the new man will dress like a woman and therefore leading to a woman dressing like a man. Although Inaisce is not in the business of forming part of standard fashion circle posy, this collection does engage in the same conversation in a much more eerie, rigidly constructed back to mother-earth Year 3070 vibes.

We love it.

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