Monday, September 29, 2014

#SCENTED: Ralph Lauren Fragrances Smells Honours at Awards

Ralph Lauren Fragrances recently won honours at the international The Fragrance Foundation Awards. Ralph Lauren’s latest addition to the World of Polo took home awards such as Best Men’s Prestige Fragrance of the Year & Consumer Choice for Best Men’s Fragrance.

Polo Red, the newest addition to the Polo family is a fiery composition; one that has become a bestseller across the globe and as such a consumer favourite. The potion combines three hot red ingredients as the tiers for the fragrance, with the support of additional elements to give the scent a wholesome and fuller bouquet.

The base notes are quite deep and grounded: Redwood, Amber and Coffee Berry. All ingredients that humble any floral or citrus burst of fragrance. These also happen to be great notes to man up any scent. Red Saffron with Red Sage and Lavender play in the mid notes to create a spicy, sensual, and seductive fragrance. The top notes are Red Grapefruit, with Italian Cedrat and Red Cranberry. These notes add a zest of life, energy, and virility to the fragrance.

Polo Red by Ralph Lauren Fragrances is a great addition to any man’s grooming and fragrance collection. Polo Red comes in two Eau Du Toilette bottle sizes: 75ml at a recommended retail price of R919 and the 125ml bottle for R1 149.

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