Monday, September 29, 2014

#LOOKBOOK: Work Blue Jeans

Welcome to another moment in #TheLookBook. A moment in time when I get to feel awkward in front of the camera and give you an opportunity to get some style inspiration straight from source itself.

Today’s look is strangely titled, ‘Work Blue Jeans’. Not quite proper English but the outfit itself is all sorts of fantastic. Perfect for a Monday or Tuesday, this outfit is work ready in a smart casual kind of way. Couple it with a vintage bag and your well on your way to being dapper without the dandy. It’s versatile in a sense, with the ability to be worn with a crew neck, instead, or perhaps even no jersey and instead do a jacket, denim or not. It’s all about adjustable details in order to create a bigger wardrobe from less items.

A – The Jeff Shirt – Blue/White Checkered Shirt from Old Khaki
The checkered shirt, synonymous with cowboys and cowgirls, comes to Old Khaki to bring a cool work look for spring summer. A wonderfully versatile shirt, in a cool colour, it allows itself the opportunity to be worn with jeans or chinos (which are looking amazing at Old Khaki). The colour is also neutral enough to wear with darker or lighter colours. The style in the image is regular fit, which has a more spacious neckline and more torso space. Button it up all the way to the top for a smart casual feel.

B – The Jeans – Regular leg in Indigo Jeans from Old Khaki
Our Editor is not the type to wear regular cut jeans but every now and then a fit fits. This pair has a rich deep Indigo colour that makes for a multitude of dress up moments and it’s slightly tapered leg means there’s some shape in all the volume. The fit is comfortable and comes with extra length in the inseam. Dressed up or down, this pair of denims will fit the moment.

C – The Shoes – Oval-toe leather loafers from Old Khaki
These shoes were made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do. These shoes were made for walking right into this lookbook post. Oval-toed and soft, these leather loafers are an essential for any wardrobe. Well paired with chinos and even greater with jeans.

The rest of the ensemble is complemented by ‘Eye’ socks from Nic Socks + a maroon button-up cardigan from Levi’s Strauss + vintage briefcase from a thrift shop and black wayfarer shades by Ray-Ban Sunglasses. Mixing new with old has been trending for seasons now and essentially, it’s a classic way of revamping your wardrobe without breaking the bank each time. Focus on core essentials when sourcing vintage and try not to go for upcycle-able items.

Have fun with your work looks as it’s an opportunity to show creativity and style in a space where constraints and restrains exist. Essentially, wear you.


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