Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#GROOMING: Oral-B Pro-Expert in SA

As I type this post I’m chewing on chocolate. This is something I don’t do often, or at least didn’t do often. I had a much higher respect for my teeth’s sensitivity issues. One bite out of anything sweet and something would pins-and-needles its way through one of my teeth and go straight to my head like an icy head rush. That has all changed since September, when I started my #Day1results #ProExpertChallenge with Oral-B.

A few days before September began, I got a brief email asking if I would be interested in being a guinea pig and test out a new product coming into SA that will be a break-through product its industry. I said ‘yes’. I like things and things seem to like me too. A few days later, a huge ass white box arrived at the office. Inside were three Oral-B products: Pro-Expert toothpaste + the Turbo 500 power (electric) brush + Satin floss.

The main potato in the pack turned out to be the toothpaste. It would apparently do wonders and miracles to my mouth and teeth. Now, before we get into this any further… Do any of you recall days when toothpaste was actually tooth powder? No? Good, because then you’d be showing your age. So it’s quite a long way we’ve come when it comes to the way we brush our teeth and the tools we use. Which makes me wonder… Why do we spend less than two and a half minutes a month deciding which tooth paste to use but can spend almost ten minutes deciding which face cream to buy?

There I was throughout September, carefree due to the decision for the month’s toothpaste been already made for me. So I did as the Romans do when in Rome and tested the toothpaste. The first two weeks were probably the most interesting for me from a personal point of view. Learning to manoeuvre an electric brush in your mouth when you’re used to manual brush is crazy. Apart from the shakes you need to remember not to just pull the brush out, as the paste will go flying in every direction.

 There was some blood loss, as to be expected with a new toothbrush but seemingly the Oral-B Pro-Expert toothpaste dealt with that swiftly. The toothpaste itself is not very pasty. It’s rather ‘wet’ and fluidly actually which I don’t particularly like. I was surprised and excited by the fact that it doesn’t foam up in the mouth, brushing peace got a whole lot easier. I could immediately pick up on the coating being left behind by the toothpaste on my teeth from the get go. It was a reassuring feeling to know at least one thing was definitely happening.

After a while I could feel as I moved my tongue around my mouth teeth almost getting a type of cavity filling. It was as if a piece of clay had been inserted to close off the hole. Gradually as time progressed I could feel and see other differences. My sensitivity had changed. I could drink super cold stuff and super hot stuff without clenching. And there was the breath that stays fresh for longer during the day. I skipped a few evening brushes, which is very naughty, but I didn’t experience morning breath like I had anticipated.

Through everything experienced as a test subject, I was disappointed that there was no noticeable difference in the whiteness of my teeth. I mean I’m not yellow toothed, but still, a visible shade lighter after all the brushing would have definitely been welcomed. I definitely will now add Pro-Expert to the shopping list and when ask I’m likely to recommend it because it’s made a difference to my teeth and my mouth.


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