Monday, October 27, 2014


Iconic Australian retailer Witchery has collaborated with key fashion influencers to further cement the brand’s positioning as an international style authority.

Witchery has invited two key South African fashion influencers, Poppy Ntshongwana & Emma Jane Menteath, to join their Style Collective, a network of Australian and international fashion insiders who collaborate with the brand to share their personal take on key trends via the ‘W’ Edit, Witchery’s blog ( and their own highly engaged social media platforms. The content will also be communicated across the brand’s marketing and social media channels.

Extensive consumer research undertaken by Witchery in 2012 came back with a clear message - the Witchery woman wants to be inspired by fashion and wants to know how the “it” girls wear it. Although the Style Collective concept may seem simple, it’s the Style Collective’s insider knowledge that will really appeal to South African women.

‘The Witchery woman adores fashion and loves to put her spin on it to make a truly personal, stylish statement. She wants us to provide daily inspiration to do so,’ says Linda Levy, Witchery Managing Director.

‘She doesn’t just want the dress, she wants to know how to wear it, where to wear it and what to wear it with. The Style Collective will further champion our brand philosophy and inspire our South African customers’.

Imbued with the same quality, influence, and inspiration that seamlessly aligned with the brand’s covetable designs, the Style Collective speaks to a worldwide audience and keeps Witchery in a fashionable league of its own.

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