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Thursday, November 6, 2014

#NEWS: We’re 3 Years Young

Silence is golden, mostly when patience has been a virtue. It’s been quite on the blog and we’ve been busy. Turning three in a time where fly-by-nights are the trend is not easy. Turning three and still producing what you set out to deliver is even harder. Since its inception, Renaissance Men SA has done its best to deliver true to form men’s content that is of African origin first and then from the world over.

This, compared to other blogs who propose the same but focus on International brands mostly, has been our niche. And we strive to keep it.

Happy Birthday to us and most importantly, Happy Birthday to you, our consumer, follower, stalker, whatever adjective you use to describe yourself to us: HAPPY 3RD BIRTHDAY! We deserve to celebrate.

So if you can, join us tomorrow for informal celebrations, please do. It’s not much and there are no free booze; there will be art and fashion and music. There will be some pretty people dressed in pretty clothes and smart men looking dapper. In essence, there will be us and there will be you – the most important people.

Oh, and there will be fresh posts for the next chapter in our blogging lives from Monday onwards.

To the next year of menswear and grooming content, by Africans for Africans and then the world over.

PS We’ve teamed up with Uber Cape Town, Everyone’s Private Driver, to offer first time Uber users attending tomorrow’s event a free ride of up to R200. All you have to do is download the Uber app on your phone via your smartphone’s app store and register using the promotional code: LM01. (That’s Elle, Em, Zero, One)


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