Tuesday, November 11, 2014

#LOOKBOOK: Orange Culture H.E.R., A Spring Summer 2015 Experience

There is a certain bias one gets when they regularly experience something incredible. When you bare witness to awesomeness so distinct and captivating that all you can truly do is talk about it as if it were your own. Adebayo Oke-Lawal and his incredible menswear label, Orange Culture, are such a bias.

Much like the bias cut of fabric in fashion talk, Orange Culture continues to shape its destiny in a silhouette only true talent can. With the arrival of the Spring Summer 2015 collection, H.E.R., you see testament to such. Themed around the reminiscent nuances of childhood, Oke-Lawal sees his mother as a young Benin bride adorned in Benin Kingdom fashion. From the prints to the accessorised coral beads and jewellery, she inspires in him an opportunity to depict a beautifully palette story.

Orange Culture successfully collaborates with Alessandra Tempesti to illustrate a print celebrating Oke-Lawal’s mother. These illustrations then turned into the peacefully strong print from which the collection is primarily built of. Using shape and fabric to debate femininity and masculinity, Orange Culture introduces strength in the embracing of the softer side for men. The collection, accessorised with incredible capsule collection footwear by Nigeria’s young designer, Shem Paronelli, and with hotter-than-the-sun manbags by Canadian based designer, Ch.s.e, truly comes to life and allows modern man to tell a fascinatingly unique story.


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