Thursday, December 11, 2014

#ACCESSORIES: Quamta x Colette Collaboration

Every once in a while, more often these recent years, two brands combine to create something interesting and rather special. Whether it be capsule collection, a limited edition product or a series of magnificent luggage pieces; the bottom line is that it speaks of luxury and the almost unattainable – surely the epitome of something utterly desirable.

One such collision is that of Quamta and Colette. Quamta is a South African luxury accessoriy label, proud to be producing some of the most exquisite accessories on this continent. Together with the French luxury brand, Colette, they have created a beautiful little piece of Afro-French design: the Pebble Coin Purse.

“We wanted to create an exciting product that is as fun as it is functional. We found the ideal collaborators in Colette”, says Creative Director of Quamta, Pieter Jansen van Rensburg. “Our latest range is youthful and striking – perfect small accessories for a clientele with a modern lust for the finer things in life.”

The Pebble Coin Purse and many other vibrant and playful accessories are available on the Quamta website. Pay them a visit and see which pieces suit your lifestyle best.

I for one would love to get my hands on the Pebble Purse. It’s perfect for the L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate theme.

Follow the African luxury accessory story via @quamta. #quamtaXcolette

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