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Friday, December 12, 2014

#EVENT: Brian Lehang x Men’s Health Menswear Collections

The annual Men’s Health Menswear Collections event overall was well planned and executed. Media registration and guest sign-in was smooth. There was a slight challenge with guests identification and seating – the policy was first-come-first-serve; which simply put means, anyone can sit front row if they get there early enough.

The week in Johannesburg was relatively busy already, but it was great to see that people had turned up for this specific event too. What was also impressive was seeing how well-dressed the male guests were; sporting some trendy looks with bold confidence.

As for the brands on the show, when the fashion got under way, the likes of Edgars, Soviet, Lyle & Scott and Polo worked hard to showcase the best of local trends at present.

T.M. Lewin
Oh man! Oh man! What a way to open the show. Sartorially suited men gracing the runway in an army walk. As bespoke dad they were, they shaded their looks with aviator sunglasses. Hey why not! It's summer.

Le Cog Sportif
As usual and as always Le cog man is as sporty as the name. With sweatpants, tees & tops, sneakers and bag packs, he looked like he was on his way to/from a gym session and still looked fresh to go for lunch and drinks with mates. And as a sportsman and as healthy as he looked, he was using a bicycle to go there...

Scotch & Soda
Anybody for a drink? Yeah sure! I'll have mine with blocks of ice...leather jacket, floral prints, flops and a man-bag. Why not! It's spring; a nice time to go out for a drink. So if it gets late I've got my jacket and I can just swap my flops with lace-ups and put them in my bag.

Like I said is spring! Throw away that shirt, a T-shirt will do just fine. And who said a double breast jacket is only for formal occasions...put it on man. Pair it with sneakers while you’re at it.

Year in, Year out! Seasons come...seasons go. But denim will always only get stronger. From top-to-bottom or whichever way you want pair it - denim rules! Soviet stays true to its heritage.

Take me to the ghetto! Visible with his walk and gestures, it's easy to spot a dickies man walking the streets in town or in dusty streets of the kasi! Known for their durable and non-fading fabric on their pants and looking at their's Ghetto fabulous!

Lyle & Scott
The weather is great, how about a round of golf! Masculine flex fit jerseys and bermudas make a perfect combination for the Lyle & Scott man to go for a tee-off on the grass.

It's all about being outdoors and one of the best spots to be this summer has got to be the beach. Tees, unbuttoned shirts, shorts and flops...all he needs is just a surf board then he's ready for the beach.

Kurt Geiger
Clean, chic and simple. Smart casual looks with no formal shirting or pants, just a fitted blazer with a round neck tee; a pair of jeans and finish it up with lace-ups. The Kurt Geiger man fits in any occasion, he's out going with no restrictions whatsoever.

One way of preventing sunburn in this heat is with the great Panama hats by POLO. This is an official summer essential for every dapper gent.

Guess what? It's inevitable that denim is a timeless trending piece in every wardrobe. Just the shades of blue changing...

It's evident that this season we are taking a chill pill and going with a laid back look. Taking it easy! Why not! We are talking light and less.

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Words by: Brian Lehang, Contributing Editor (Jnb)

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