Friday, December 19, 2014

#EVENT: Fabiani ReVamps Their Canal Walk Store - Kyle Tokata on Scene to Experience

Fabiani, Fabiani – wherefore art thou Fabiani. I’ll tell you where, the newly revamped Canal Walk store is located on the second level, shop no’651A UL. Fabiani maintains its warm sophisticated welcome we’ve come to know over the years. Greeted by Chivas and gorgeous hosts you feel the ambiance of what is a Gentleman’s fair.

The wooden floors, furnishings and leather couches ground the shop, complementing its identity for regal tailoring. The spark of reset lighting in product bins and walls ignite this sharp modern presence. This successful bond between the traditional and the contemporary, visually communicates Fabiani’s position as a leading brand. Big retailers and small boutiques take note – Navigation around your store is key for your consumer. Stepping about Fabiani’s floor is a breeze even at full capacity as it was this very evening. Your eyes are greeted by crisply displayed merchandise at each pace, mannequins above and at eye level adorned with their season’s latest styles and colours, create this wonderland maze of product shopping bliss.

As a rose by any other name would smell as sweet is suggested by the floral motif kissed on top left lapels of sales assistants and suites displayed, paired with complementing pocket squares which draw your eye closer to the garment and your hands reaching for your pocket. The theme of now and tradition continues when playful socks are teamed with contrast black and with brogues. Their body conscious suites and shirts exude sex appeal, reminding us to keep fit and look the part for those summer nights out. Tip toeing about the store with of course ‘Happy Socks’ on display for happy feet.

Fabiani’s effortless shorts, denims and golf-t’s allow any Joe to participate in the seasons’ hottest trends. Having mentioned that ease, by now we all know blazers polishes all looks, continue this by adding one of their fedoras. Whilst capturing the festive mood of the night, you’ll find yourself amidst a healthy G-Star selection. Well positioned it calls you to add something ‘Raw’ to your wardrobe. Studded SLG’s, leather jackets & those famous Denims assure an edge for your shopping cart.

A tasteful variety of Mumm champing flowed for guests and customers alike as it’s the season to be jolly. Pleasant professional staff on hand to escort you to their carpeted dress rooms to fit, prep and style your every need. Meandering through other photographers capturing their own opinions, bloggers blogging and fashion enthusiasts oohing and “aahing” you’ll find what should’ve been obvious to me, Girlfriends, wives, daughters grabbing pieces for the hearted men in their lives. This brings to mind that the Fabiani brand is truly for all, the men draped in it & the pass buyer admiring the statement. The customers themselves be (are) calling cards for those who have yet to discover the brand and the femmes who’d purchase it for their men

*To break narration for a bit – I want those canvas quilted trainers with patent trim, gosh those would upgrade any casual look*

The event was enjoyed by all in attendance, the live band elevating the sense of authenticity; and doth I protest too much…?  Go purchase at Fabiani for yourself.

& that’s what it’s all about… 

Words by Kyle Estevao Tokata

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