Wednesday, January 14, 2015

#PRESS_RELEASE: Magents Returns Its Afrikan Sole to South Africa

Urban apparel brand Magents is marking its return into South African shops with the release of a bold new range of footwear at Edgars stores.

Worn by kwaito, hip-hop and house musicians, including Mi-Casa, rapper Reason and Bongo Muffin’s Stoan, Magents is street through-and-through. Its vivid designs and quirky messaging have made the brand synonymous with those who wear their African pride on their sleeves.

The brand, launched in the 90s, became popular because of its Afro Vintage style. It’s since expanded globally, in Europe, Japan, Vietnam and the USA.  Today it’s evolved into a range of t-shirts, chinos, denim, headwear, eyewear and most recently, footwear. 

Magents has always revelled in its South African roots and the launch of the new range of footwear is a strategic move to strengthen its African footprint. “We are thrilled to bring Magents® back home. We are Afrika, is our DNA, and we ride on this pride,” said Didier, Creative director for Magents.

Didier adds, “The collection, themed Afrikan Sole, is designed with the socially conscious consumer in mind. It comes in three ranges: Achuze takes on the traditional running shoe; Kush from lace-ups; and Avenue the high top”.

All sneakers come in bold hues of blues, greens, browns, reds, and an Africa map stamp on the sole.  The Africa imprint is just one element that gives the shoe its signature look. The great detail, from colour to stitching, extends to packaging, as the sneakers slide out of a classic matchbox-designed shoebox.

The collection is a reflection of the Magent’s “forever young urban spirit”, but the attention to detail gives the shoes a sophistication that has always defined Magents.

“Our sneakers are durable, comfortable, basically, ayashisa ama-tekkie.  They are also a mark of originality, both for the brand and the wearer”, said Didier.

Magents sneakers are available at selected Edgars stores nationwide and retail for (R559 – R1099). For more information call: 080 044 4723 or email: .

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