Tuesday, March 17, 2015

#EVENT: Old Khaki’s Winter Woods

Recently Old Khaki hosted their winter 2015 collection launch: Winter Woods. A kind of Great Escape, referencing a bygone era of wide-open plains of the Wild West. The collection launch was hosted at the Brundyn+ Gallery in Cape Town. Old Khaki once again pulled through with a really great collection. A combination of best-selling basics with some great key winter items for dressing up or down. The accessories range was extensive and included heavy and light fabrics.

We’re all for the shoes and the outerwear. Parkas for days and cool linen jackets treated to look and feel like denim – totes uber cool. The gems were in the details + fabric choices. This collection is textural and tactile – making it very interesting and on trend without being fashion-forward about it.

We definitely recommend popping in to your nearest Old Khaki to get your hands on this collection. It will also be available online on the Old Khaki store – www.oldkhaki.co.za.

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