Friday, March 27, 2015


Some pairs like looking the same – we suppose that’s the point of being a pair; it’s the being alike that makes you a unique unit. Some wear the same outfits/looks, otherwise perhaps the same hairstyle. Then you get some who enjoy the same smell – a sense of the familiar, some added security and possibly, a level of erotica between the two.

If you’re the latter, we may have just the fragrance for you… Both.

CK be. Peaceful. Warm. Personal. It’s an intimate unisex fragrance that immerses you in nuances of sensuality, fresh spring rain and soothing notes. Grounded in white peace accord, or better know as musk; it’s mid note of white peach adds a distinct depth of welcome while its top note, the Juniper Berry, incites bursts of fresh personality.

It’s a rather unobtrusive fragrance. It settles into a neutral scent and after a handful of hours, you don’t smell it anymore but it lingers on. If your lifestyle is not highly active and you’re quite a cabin loving kind of person, this fragrance would be ideal, as it hints to keeping close to oneself and it can surprise with hints of individualism as per its wearer.

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