Monday, April 13, 2015

#GROOMING: Travel in Style with Baxter of California

You are Mr. Simplistic. You like predominantly monochrome. Luxurious. Convenient. And want that to extend to your skincare while you’re on the road – because on top of everything else, you’re also a jet setter. Well, Mr. Simplistic Jet Setter, meet the Baxter of California Travel Kit. It’s neat, petite, stylish, minimalist and packs a whole lot of skincare heat to keep you looking fresh while you travel. What’s inside? Easy, everything you need except for the kitchen sink: there’s a daily face wash + oil free moisturizer + after shave balm + daily protein shampoo + a navy blue quilted nylon travel Dopp bag to keep them all in one place in your luggage.

So what are you waiting for? The Baxter of California Travel Kit retails around R800. Contact The House of Machines on 021 426 1400 for more information.

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