Monday, April 13, 2015

#CAMPAIGN: Wet 2015 by Maxivive - 'Leyqon'

Nigerian African luxury label, Maxivive, has launched a new campaign – Wet 2015 ‘Leyqon’.

The campaign takes its origins from one of two predominant seasons in Nigeria, not the dry season, but the wet. Taking into consideration its direct market, the label opted to embrace the dampness and source fabrics that would be appropriate for the season and for the consumer’s lifestyle.

The result: ‘Leyqon’.

He had a ‘Name’.
So do we.
Never thought of it.
So did I.
We searched for ‘Name’.
The whole time through.
Life took him out,
Then, right I knew –
LEYQON, it is.

Campaign Credits:
Photography by Kadara Enyeasi
Designs by Maxivive
Models Mohammed Malmoud & Damien Eze of Beth Models

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