Wednesday, August 26, 2015

#CAMPAIGN: Diesel Meta Data Campaign

Truth is, we have had a huge giggle over this campaign and its accompanying press release. It pretty much reads like it was written by a very bored creative who thought it cute to be sarcastic and witty as opposed to being smart and creative. We love it. We love it so much, we decided to copy and paste it below. Read.

, - This is a press release decoded by DIESEL. It begins with a two-sentence paragraph that summarizes our captivating meta campaign. It reads easy and gets you excited about writing about it.

This is where we further reveal the concept, the novelty of the campaign idea and how relevant it is to our target market. Here is where we intrigue you to find out more, to visit our website, to contact us for an insider’s perspective. At this point in the press release, you can start to see where this will fit in your publication. A story about the launch of a campaign where images and words humourously explain things exactly as they are.

Next, we provide you with background information. We make sure to use words that you, your readers and our target audience will understand. We don’t use lofty statements you won’t believe or any industry terminology. We tell you Richard Burbridge shot the images, Nicola Formichetti styled the clothes and Spring Studios was the creative agency.

ABOUT And this final paragraph is where we get into the heritage, reinforcing how relevant the concept is in terms of the brand’s history. This is a press release decoded by DIESEL.


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