Thursday, August 27, 2015

#FOOTWEAR: Pesso Brings Back the Moccasin

Handcrafted in Portugal, Pesso leather collection has launched in South Africa, giving men a whole new lens with which to view the timeless classic.

The moccasin has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the 1800’s as the footwear of the Canadian Regalia. Over centuries it transcended its functional origins to become the shoe sported by style icons and super stars alike. George Clooney, Robert Pattinson and Scott Disick are three style icons rarely seen without their trademark moccasins.

Making this European style and quality more readily available, Pesso offers a much-coveted selection of fashion forward moccs from Mzanzi to Milnerton and beyond. Keeping the integrity of quality craftsmanship with premium leathers, double hand-stitching and rubber-molded soles, the classic is reintroduced into springs fashion palette, worn with a preppy twist of casual cool. Teamed with statements socks, worn with 3/4 slim line chino's or a cheeky turn up, the mocc strides into the seasons’ ‘Sophomore’ trend.

For summer, Pesso launches their new ‘moccodrive’, a modern hybrid that is worn as an essential part of the ‘Nautical Grunge’ story, where millionaire meets maverick and fashion fuses preppy elements into a hard-edged summer story.

Underpinned as a classic and re-invented by trend, the moccasin returns as a favorite in fashion for the summer season. Available online at or at Step Ahead stores nationwide, the Pesso moccasin is priced from R1599.

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