Wednesday, September 23, 2015

#GROOMING: Clearogen Comes Out Tops as Acne Fighting Skincare Treatment

Clearogen, a revolutionary clinically tested and proven natural skin care acne and blemish product that is making international headlines and transforming the lives of those with acne, will now be imported by Shades of Skin to South Africa. Created by Los Angeles Dermatologist, Dr Alex Khadavi, Clearogen is sold in top beauty boutiques - such as Sephora - across the world, and will now be available online at and from key distributors nationwide.

Over-the-counter skin treatments only address acne symptoms: bacteria and clogged pores. Clearogen is the first treatment that combines sulphur 2% and salicylic acid with effective Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) blockers and potent botanical extracts to treat the symptoms and the source of problem skin such as hormones.  In clinical studies Clearogen had a 95% success rate. When used regularly, Clearogen clears existing skin problems, prevents new blemishes, and restores skin's normal oil production for beautiful, vibrant skin.

The three-step programme will retail for R1 150 for a two month supply and comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.  A consultant is on hand to guide consumers on the use of correct use of the product, as correct usage is essential to its success and can be contacted at

Acne begins when DHT stimulates the sebaceous (oil) gland to produce excess oil. It is this excess oil that traps bacteria and skin cells and sets the stage for skin problems. Clearogen is the first “Topical Hormonal Acne Treatment,” to address problem skin in a more comprehensive way. It works topically without altering the internal hormonal balance. Clearogen helps inhibit the conversion of testosterone to DHT and helps block DHT from binding to receptors on the sebaceous gland. In doing so, it reduces excess oil secretion and promotes the healthy production of sebum that the skin needs to moisturise and protect itself.

The results of Clearogen can be seen within 30 days by making use of the three step Clearogen skin treatment solution:
Step 1: Clearogen Foaming Cleanser gently removes dirt, excess oil, make-up and bacteria that cause skin problems. Botanical extracts revitalise the skin while preventing breakouts.
Step 2: Clearogen Clarifying Toner eliminates pore-clogging impurities allowing balanced oil production, while decreasing pore size, reducing redness, and irritation. Botanical extracts increase skin renewal for smoother skin.
Step 3: Clearogen Acne Lotion clears existing acne and helps prevent future breakouts before they surface on the skin, leaving skin softer and smoother.

If you suffer from Acne and are keen on an alternative solution that has been scientifically proven, visit or visit www.Facebook/clearogensouthafrica.

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